Buckle Sliders


Create Adjustable Garment Straps With Buckle Sliders.

Finish off adjustable garment straps of all styles with Buckle Sliders. Ideal for overalls, suspenders, pet collars, sportswear, outdoor gear, and bags, these strap adjuster buckles tighten and loosen straps with a simple glide action. They're easy to install—simply slide the buckle onto your strap or webbing and adjust as desired. The size listed on our product descriptions measures the inside opening of the buckle, so choose one with a corresponding width to the strap you'll be applying it to. Choose from several styles of Slide Buckles, including Tri-Bar Plastic Glides with locking teeth for a secure hold, antique brass Adjustable Slide Buckles for thick and bulky straps, YKK Strap Adjusters for outdoor gear and bags, or nickel Slide Adjusters for a comfortable fit. Whether you're sewing or repairing an adjustable garment strap, shop Buckle Sliders here to find the slide buckles you're looking for. 




Frequently Asked Questions About Buckle Sliders

Which Buckle Sliders are applicable for suspenders or overalls?

Our Slide Adjusters (BUI33), Tri-Bar Plastic Glides (BUI38), and Adjustable Slide Buckles (BUI34) are all excellent options for overalls, suspenders, and other wide adjustable garment straps.


What size Buckle Slider should I use?

Choose a strap adjuster buckle that corresponds in size to the strap it will be applied to; for example, a 1" strap requires a 1" slider.