Heavy Duty Snaps


Heavy-Duty Snaps For Jackets, Jeans, Outerwear, And More.

For overlapping closures that securely snap shut, Heavy Duty Snaps are the perfect fit. Applicable for various fabrics from knits to heavy fleece, these heavy-duty snap rings can be used similarly to buttons to create secure, convenient closures. Ring snaps consist of two parts that snap together to form an easy-to-use closure for a variety of garments. They are ideal for jackets, coats, outerwear, pants, and other clothes with overlapping closures. Heavy Duty Snaps are stronger than other styles of snaps and ideal for heavy materials like denim or thick fleece—they are even applicable for items like camping gear, boat covers, tents, and other outdoor gear. To install Heavy Duty Snaps for clothing, outdoor gear, and more, use a heavy-duty snap tool with the correct die attachment.




Frequently Asked Questions About Heavy-Duty Ring Snaps

What are heavy-duty snaps used for?

Heavy-duty snap fasteners are applicable for thick and heavy materials like denim or leather. They're often used for heavy garments like jackets or workwear, and can even be used for outdoor applications like tents and camping gear.


How do you install snap buttons?

To install snap buttons like our heavy-duty ring snaps, you'll need to use a snap tool, a pair of snap pliers for heavy-duty snaps, or a hand press with the correct die attachment.