Drapery Tapes


Drapery Tapes For Perfect Curtain Pleats, Shades, and More.

Pleating and gathering curtains has never been easier with Drapery Tapes from WAWAK Sewing Supplies. Using these gathering tapes for curtains, it’s easy to create the perfect pleated look for your curtains, drapes, Austrian and Roman shades, and more. Sew Shirring Drapery Tape to a curtain heading and pull the embedded cords to quickly and evenly gather your fabric. Try sew-in Austrian Shade Tape or Roman Shade Tape to easily install the cording loops needed for your chosen shade. Or, use weighted drapery tape inside the bottom hem of curtains and drapes to prevent flaring and perfect the fabric's natural drape. Browse all available Drapery Tapes at WAWAK to find the ideal solution for your curtains, shades, and drapery.




Frequently Asked Questions About Drapery Tapes

What is Drapery tape used for?

We offer several styles of drapery tapes: Shirring Tape, which is used to easily gather curtains into pleats; Austrian or Roman Shade tape, which is used to gather fabric into an Austrian or Roman Shade; and Weighted Drapery Tape, which can be sewn into a curtain hem to weigh it down and prevent the hem from flaring out.


How is drapery tape attached to curtains?

All of our drapery tapes are sew-in drapery tapes. Gathering tapes can be sewn directly to the primary curtain fabric, and Weighted Drapery Tape can be sewn into the curtain's bottom hem.