Pre-Made Waistbands & Ban Roll Hem


Non-Elastic Waistbands & Pre-Made Waistbands Add Structure And Strength.

Non-Elastic Waistbands offer a way to stiffen waistbands for added structure without adding stretch. They're a great option for garments where a more structured waistband is desired, or for reinforcing a waistband to prevent rolling or crushing. Use Ban-Roll Waistband Interfacing inside a waistband to add a crisp appearance and roll resistance. Install a Maternity Panel to expand the waistband of existing garments. Or, try easy-to-use Snugtex Belting, a pre-made waistband that can be sewn directly to your garment’s waistband for a structured waistband with non-slip rubber grips that keep tucked-in shirts in place. For tailoring and couture sewing, Waistband Curtain and Waistband Canvas are available to add structure and a smooth appearance to waistbands in dress pants, tuxedo pants, and other couture garments. Shop all Non-Elastic Waistbands and Pre-Made Waistbands at WAWAK to create a crisp, clean waistband edge with the look and strength you require.




Frequently Asked Questions About Non-Elastic and Pre-Made Waistbands

What is Ban-Roll Waistband Interfacing used for?

This Non-Roll Waistband Interfacing is a narrow, non-elastic interfacing used for waistbands or hems. It's used to add structure and support for a crisp, clean waistband that won't roll or crush.


How can I stiffen a waistband?

Use a waistband interfacing or pre-made waistband like Non-Roll Waistband Interfacing, Waistband Canvas, or Waistband Curtain to add structure to waistbands.