Eyelet Tools, Grommet Tools & Rivet Tools


Eyelet Tools, Rivet Tools, and Grommet Tools For Fabric, Vinyl, And More.

Looking to add grommets, eyelets, or rivets to a project? At WAWAK, we have all the tools you need to get started. Install your choice of hardware with Eyelet, Rivet, and Grommet Tools for fabric. Eyelet tools include easy-to-use eyelet pliers and hand eyelet setting tools. To install grommets, choose from a selection of grommet tools like grommet installers and grommet pliers, as well as helpful accessories like mallets, die sets for hand presses, and hole cutters. Rivet tools are also available to ensure you have everything you need to secure rivets in place. Shop all Eyelet, Rivet, and Grommet tools here to explore your options for setting grommets, eyelets, and rivets in your fabric of choice.




Frequently Asked Questions About Eyelet, Grommet & Rivet Tools

How do I decide what to use for my project between an eyelet, grommet, or a rivet?

Eyelets and grommets are ideal when you need reinforce a hole in your fabric. Eyelets are used for smaller applications like shoe or corset laces, whereas grommets are larger for applications like bag attachment points. Rivets are the better option for securing multiple layers of fabric or just as a decorative element.


Are there tools that can install both grommets and eyelets?

It's possible to use some hand presses for both grommets and eyelets as long as you have a corresponding die for the hardware you want to install. If you're using hand tools to install grommets and eyelets, you will need a different setting tool for each due to the difference in size between the two.