Blind Stitch Thread


Blind Stitch Thread for Hidden Seams.

Nearly invisible seams start with a nearly invisible thread. Blind Stitch Threads are the ideal choice to help you achieve the perfect blind stitch on garments, draperies, bags, and more. These smooth, pliable threads are super lightweight with a sleek finish in a variety of colors. Color options range from clear to semi-translucent to fully opaque. Choose from nylon, polyester, and cotton options to find the best match for your fabric. Nylon and polyester Blind Stitch Threads are extra strong and great for most fabrics; most are even strong enough to also be used as a serger thread. Cotton Blind Stitch Threads are less strong, but are softer and offer more heat resistance. Browse Blind Stitch Threads now to start finding the perfect Blind Stitch Thread for your flawless finishing seams.