Grommets for Bags


Create Strap Attachments, Drawstrings, and More With Grommets For Bags and Purses.

When it comes to making decorative and functional holes in a bag project, Grommets are indispensable. These metal grommets for leather, fabric, vinyl, and other bag making materials are used to finish and strengthen the raw edge of a hole in the material. Ideal for features like drawstring tops, strap attachment points, and decorative embellishments, Grommets are applicable for a wide variety of projects, from handbags to totes, backpacks, luggage, and more. We offer several styles of bag and purse Grommets, including Standard Grommets for fabrics and extra-strong Rolled Rim Grommets for heavy materials like vinyl and leather. They’re also available in multiple sizes and finishes. Find the right Grommets for bags and bag projects, along with everything you need to install them, at WAWAK.




Frequently Asked Questions About Grommets For Bags

What tools do I need to install Grommets in a bag?

To install Grommets by hand, you’ll need a hole cutter, a hammer or mallet, and a grommet inserter set, which includes a punch and an anvil. Alternatively, you can use a pair of Grommet Pliers or a hand press with an appropriate grommet die.


What are the Different Types of Grommets for Bags?

We offer two styles of Grommets for bag making: Standard Grommets and Rolled Rim Grommets. Standard Grommets are a versatile option, applicable for a variety of materials and projects. Rolled Rim Grommets are the stronger of the two styles, with a strong grip ideal for heavy materials like leather and webbing.