Sew On Magnetic Snaps for Clothing


Magnetic Snaps For Clothing, Bags, and More.

Convenient, easy-to-install Magnetic Snaps are the perfect addition to overlapping closures. These Magnetic Snaps for clothing and bags use magnets for a secure hold that doesn’t require buttons or ties. Though typically used in bag making, Magnetic Snaps can be used in place of most traditional garment snaps or buttons as an easier-to-operate alternative. They’re easy to install and require no special tools—Standard Magnetic Snaps can be sewn into a fabric lining for an “invisible” closure. Stitch through the outer loops of Sew-On Magnetic Snaps to secure them in place, or simply insert and fold down the prongs on Pronged Magnetic Snaps. No matter which style you choose, these magnetic snap buttons are an excellent option for a convenient but secure closure for garments, bags, and more. Several styles, sizes, and finishes are available.




Frequently Asked Questions About Magnetic Snaps

How do you attach magnetic snaps?

There are two styles of magnetic snaps: pronged or sew-in. Sew in magnetic snaps can either be sewn directly to the material through the attached loops, or sewn into a small groove or pocket for an "invisible" snap closure. Pronged magnetic snaps can be easily installed by cutting a small slit in the fabric, sliding the pronged end of the snap through the cut, and folding down the prongs to secure in place.


Are magnetic snaps strong enough to stay closed?

When installed correctly, magnetic snaps form a secure closure and should have no problem staying closed on a typical bag. For best results, make sure that both sides of the magnetic snap will easily be able to connect before installing them.


What type of projects are magnetic snaps used for?

Magnetic Snaps are perfect for bag projects like purses, handbags, totes, device cases and more.