Non-Roll Elastic


Non-Roll Elastic For Waistbands And More.

If you’re looking for elastic that doesn’t easily roll or crush, you’re in the right place. Non-Roll Elastics are stiffer, heavier elastics designed to prevent elastic rolling in waistbands or other casings. Their roll-resistant design makes these elastics the perfect choice for waistbands or medium to heavy fabrics. Choose from lightweight Knitted Non-Roll Elastic, heavier Woven Non-Roll Elastic, and extra-firm Ribbed Non-Roll Elastic. Shop all available sizes and styles of Non-Roll Elastic right here at WAWAK.




Frequently Asked Questions About Non-Roll Elastic

What is Non-Roll Elastic?

Non-Roll Elastics are firmer, sturdier elastics that are resistant to rolling, twisting, or being crushed. They're ideal for waistband casings and other applications where elastics tend to roll. Knitted, Ribbed, and Woven Non-Roll Elastics are available.


How do I stop a waistband from rolling?

First, choose a Non-Roll Elastic, which has sturdier construction than standard elastic and is designed not to roll. When cutting the elastic, make sure that your elastic band is not too long or short—waistband rolling is often caused by an incorrect fit. Some sewers also find it helpful to stitch the elastic vertically at the side seams for extra support, or sew the elastic directly to the waistband. If you choose to sew through the elastic directly, be sure to choose an elastic that can be sewn without losing stretch.