Spring Snaps


Sophisticated Spring Snaps For Leather Jackets, Outerwear, and More.

With a lightweight design and smooth action, Spring Snaps add a classic decorative and functional touch to leather jackets, outerwear, fashion apparel, and more. Spring snap buttons securely close for a functional button closure on overlapping fabrics. They’re often used to create closures on jackets, flannels, heavy button-up shirts, pants, and even jeans. Their enclosed spring mechanism ensures a soft "snap" action and a neat, finished look even on the back side of the snap. Available in a range of classic metal finishes, they’re an excellent complement to materials like leather and canvas for a sophisticated finish. These snap fasteners can be installed using a snap tool with the appropriate Spring Snap setting die.




Frequently Asked Questions About Spring Snaps

What are spring snaps?

Spring Snaps are a style of snap buttons that feature a soft snap action and neat, finished appearance on both sides of the snap. They're commonly used on high-end denim and leather jackets, bags, and other fashion items.


How do you attach spring snaps?

Spring snaps can be installed using a snap tool or hand press with the correct die attachment.