Suspender Clips & Mitten Clips


Fasten Accessories with Secure Suspender Clips & Mitten Clips.

Whether you're repairing a pair of suspenders or looking for a way to keep mittens together, Suspender Clips are just what you need. These replacement suspender clips (also known as Mitten Clips) tightly grip onto fabrics with zigzag teeth for a secure hold. Attach the clips to the ends of your suspenders to clip them to pants or trouser waistbands. Or, connect two clips with a band of elastic and clip each end to a mitten or glove to keep them together. Suspender Clips and Mitten Clips feature a classic nickel finish and a 1-inch loop to accommodate 1-inch wide elastic or suspenders. Shop Suspender Clips here for secure, reliable clips for suspenders, mittens, and more.




Frequently Asked Questions About Suspender Clips

Do your suspender clips have rubber grips or plastic teeth?

Our suspender clips are 100% metal and do not include rubber inserts.


How do you make mitten clips?

To make mitten clips, you'll need two suspender clips and a length of elastic or webbing. If using webbing, finish the ends as necessary to prevent fraying. Feed one end of the strap into the opening of one of the clips, fold the strap down, and stitch it in place. Repeat on the other end of the strap, and your mitten clips are ready to use.