Cord Ends & Zipper Ends


Zipper Ends And Cord Ends For A Professional Finish.

For a quick, professional way to finish off the ends of cording or zippers, look no further than Zipper Ends & Cord Ends. These end caps are an excellent no-sew option for finishing the ends of recessed zippers on items like handbags, wallets, wristlets, pouches, and purses with a professional, high-end look. They’re available in multiple finishes so you can find the perfect match for your zipper teeth and other bag hardware. Or, use them as cord ends to finish off the ends of drawstrings, small straps, decorative cording, and other corded items. Zipper Ends and Cord Ends are easy to install, requiring no sewing and only a few basic tools for installation. Choose from up to six classic finishes, including Antique Brass, Nickel, Gold, Gunmetal, Rose Gold, and Rainbow. Shop Zipper and Cord Ends at WAWAK for a quick, professional finish for zippers and cords.




Frequently Asked Questions About Zipper Ends & Cord Ends

How do you Finish the Ends of a Zipper?

There are many techniques for finishing the ends of zippers. One convenient method often used in bag making is to use a Zipper End Cap, a small metal cap that encloses the zipper end for a simple, sophisticated finish that matches metal hardware. Another similar technique involves sewing a tab made of fabric or other bag material to close off the end of the zipper.


How do you install end caps?

To install an end cap on a zipper or cord, place a small drop of glue inside the end cap. If you’re finishing a zipper, fold the end of the zipper to fit inside the end cap. Slide the zipper or cord end into the cap, insert the screw, and tighten with a small screwdriver to secure.