Staples, Staplers & Staple Removers


Staples, Staplers, and Staple Removers for Fabric and Other Materials.

Keep tags, tickets, and other materials extra secure with Staples and Staplers from WAWAK Sewing Supplies. Staplers are ideal for fastening anything that's a bit heavier duty: heavy fabrics, cardboard, paper, and other materials fasten easily with excellent holding power. Staples are a great choice for a variety of tasks like attaching tickets to laundry bags, securing tags to heavy fabrics like canvas or heavy wool, or crafting applications. Staples can also be used under a press or iron without melting. Browse our selection of easy-grip Staplers to find a Stapler that's easy and comfortable to use--and of course, don't forget to stock up on heavy-duty staples. When it's time to remove any staples, make sure to do so safely using one of our Staple Removers. Shop all Staples, Staplers, and Staple Removers at WAWAK on this page.