Fabric Clips & Clamps


Secure Fabrics Quickly and Easily With Sewing Clips.

Hold fabric layers together easier than ever using Fabric Clips & Clamps from WAWAK Sewing Supplies. Sewing Clips are a handy addition to every sewer’s work station, whether you’re securing fabric layers, patterns, hems, small sewing notions, or nearly anything else you might need to keep in place.

Versatile and convenient, Sewing clips are a great multi-purpose tool to have on hand as you work. Keep fabrics and patterns secured to your table for marking and cutting or easily hold layers of fabric and thickly rolled hems together before sewing using our handy WAWAK Sewing Clips. WAWAK Sewing Clips are the ideal all-purpose sewing clip, available in multiple sizes. To hold smaller folds or sewing tapes in place, try out smaller fabric clips like Binding Clips and Hem Clips. Choose from several styles of sewing clips to find exactly what you need to keep your fabrics secure.