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If you're a professional sewer in need of Industrial Sewing Machine Needles, WAWAK Sewing Supplies has you covered. With needles from some of the top needle brands like Groz-Beckert, Organ, and Schmetz, we've got the sewing machine needles you need to get the job done well. Industrial Machine Needles are available in several styles ideal for different fabrics and sewing tasks. Styles include all-purpose regular-point needles, ballpoint needles for stretch fabrics, commercial machine embroidery needles, heavy-duty leather needles, and many more.

To ensure that a specific needle will fit your machine, you'll want to verify that it uses the same needle system as your sewing machine. To help you make sure you find a needle that fits, we've created a handy “Filter by Manufacturer” tool that's super easy to use. Just enter your machine’s manufacturer and model into the fields to automatically show only the needles that will fit your sewing machine. Shop all Industrial Machine Needles here to find the right needles for your industrial sewing machine in no time.