Rolled Rim W/ Spurs Grommets - 3/8" - Size 2 - 144 Sets/Pack - Antique Brass

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Three Styles Of Grommets

Standard Grommets

Standard Grommets

Versatile Standard Grommets are ideal for bag making, outdoor applications, décor, and craft projects. Choose from a variety of colors, sizes, and quantities. To install, use a grommet inserter and a die that corresponds to your grommet’s size.

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Rolled Rim Spur Grommets

Rolled Rim Spur Grommets

Spur Grommets feature “spurs” that grip into the fabric for a stronger hold, making them suitable for thicker materials like nylon webbing and leather. They’re a great choice for outdoor projects like tents and covers. Use a grommet inserter with a corresponding die to install.

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Plastic Curtain Grommets

Curtain Grommets

For sheer to drapery-weight curtains, Curtain Grommets are a perfect choice. These plastic grommets are applicable for curtain rods up to 1 3/8" in diameter and are machine washable. Curtain Grommets snap into place—no grommet tool is required to install.

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Standard Grommets For Fabric

Professional Grommets For Fabrics Of All Types.

From curtains to camping tents, Grommets are a critical finishing detail for any project requiring a functional hole in a piece of fabric. Projects like this include handbags, where a grommet can be an attachment point for a strap, or items like flags and curtains, where the reinforced hole provides a spot to secure them. Grommets reinforce the fabric around an opening to prevent it from fraying or widening while creating a professional finished look. Our fabric grommets are perfect for many uses, including garment, bag, leather, and canvas applications—choose from three styles of Grommets, available in a variety of sizes.