Fusible Mending Web - 3/4" x 100 yds. - White

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Fusible Webbing | What Is Fusible Web?

What Is Fusible Web?

Whether you've heard it called Fusible Web, Fusible Webbing, or Fusible Bonding Web, this handy product is simpler than it might sound: Fusible Web is an iron-on adhesive used to permanently bond two pieces of fabric together. You can almost think of it as a double-sided strip of fabric glue! When ironed, the adhesive webbing melts and absorbs into the fibers of your fabric layers. Once cooled, this forms a permanent bond between the fabric layers that’s able to withstand washing, drying, and dry cleaning processes. Fusible Web tape is perfect for hems, cuffs, trims, applique, linings, crafting, and more—you can even use Fusible Web for holes in garments or other minor repairs. Save time by skipping tedious stitching with no-sew Fusible Web.

Fusible Web | How To Use Fusible Web?

How Do You Use Fusible Webbing?

Before you begin applying your Fusible Web, there are a few steps you can take to help ensure that you get the best possible hold on your fabrics. Start by making sure that your fusible webbing is the right weight for the fabric you want to adhere to; use lightweight webbing for light fabrics, heavy web for heavy fabrics, etc. Many sewers also find their fabric bonds better if it's been pre-washed to remove any fabric softeners, sizing sprays, or finishers. Once you’re ready to adhere your fabric together, place the desired amount of webbing between your two fabric layers. Be sure that the fusible web only touches the fabric layers while you're pressing—it can melt onto any surface that it touches directly, including your iron or ironing board! Steam and/or press the fabric on both sides according to your product's specific directions, usually for about 10 seconds on each side. Allow the fabric to cool completely before testing—remember, it’s not fully adhered until the adhesive is cooled! Test the bond to make sure your layers are secure and press again if needed.