Dritz Fray Check Liquid Seam Sealant - 3/4 oz.

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Dritz Fray Check

Eliminate Frayed Edges With Fray Check

As a sewer, nothing is quite as frustrating as a fabric that won’t stop fraying—luckily, there’s a solution for that! Using Fray Check, it’s easy to stop fraying in its tracks with a quick application of this anti-fray seam sealant. Fray Check is a type of liquid fabric glue specifically designed to prevent fraying and keep fabric edges neat. It’s safe to use on most fabrics and, once dry, withstands all wash, dry, and dry cleaning cycles. Apply Fray Check glue to a cut edge on woven materials like denim, canvas, and more to prevent fraying or unraveling and keep your fabric edges neat and clean. Fray Check dries invisible and slightly stiff for a perfect edge. It’s the ideal choice for protecting cut ends of ribbons, twill tape, cotton webbing, trims, and more. Plus, Fray Check is great to have on hand for other helpful applications. Secure thread ends and knots, keep yarn ends neat, finish serger seams and even give hand-sewn buttons a bit of extra hold with this helpful seam sealant.

How To Use Fray Check

How To Use Fray Check

It’s time to get those fabric edges in check! Before you get started with Fray Check, it’s critical to test it out on a fabric scrap or inconspicuous spot of your project to see how it interacts with your specific material. Once you’re ready to apply, puncture the tip inside the bottle with a pin, and place your fabric on a piece of cardboard to protect any surface or other fabric layers below it. Carefully apply a small amount of the glue along the fabric edge—a little goes a long way! Let the Fray Check dry for 15-30 minutes. If you have any unwanted spots of Fray Check on your material, they can be gently removed with rubbing alcohol. (This should also be tested on your fabric first to check for discoloration). Be sure to keep your Fray Check tightly sealed when not in use to ensure it’s ready to use the next time you need it.