1/4" Sew Through Rigilene Boning - 50 Yds. - Clear

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Garment Boning Styles

Boning For Corsets, Dresses, Swimwear, and More

Boning For Corsets, Dresses, Swimwear And More

Though it’s often known as “corset boning”, boning isn’t just for corsets—from rigid costuming to light bodice shaping, boning is the go-to sewing notion for adding form and support to a variety of structured garments and textiles. Whether you need flexible, lightweight support for everyday garments or rigid reinforcement for more structured textiles, there’s a style of boning that will provide just the structure your project needs. Create light shaping and form with plastic boning—its versatility and flexibility make it an ideal choice for everything from bodices to swimwear, dresses, stuffed toys, and many other structured textiles. For corsets, costuming, or garments that require rigid support, metal options like steel corset boning offer more strength and rigidity. At WAWAK, we offer several varieties of quality plastic and metal boning inserts so you can find the perfect level of support for any project.


How To Sew Corset Boning

Looking to incorporate boning into your next project? You’re off to a great start! The next step: make sure you know how to install the style of boning you’ve chosen for your project. Most corset boning cannot be sewn through directly, so you'll need to use it in a casing or channel. Covered Plastic Boning comes pre-covered in a cotton casing and ready to use. Cut it to your desired length and sew the casing in place for a quick sew-in solution. Rigilene is the only style of boning that can be sewn through directly. Stitch directly to your project or use it in a casing for light garment support. If your project requires curved seams, you’ll want to try Spiral Steel Boning—it’s the only style that can bend lying flat, as well as the only one that can curve in 2 directions at once. For a quick reference on how to sew each boning style, check out the handy chart below.

How To Sew Boning Chart