Hidden Glow Tailors Chalk - 32/Box - Fluorescent Green

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Which Fabric Marking Tool is Right for You?

Tailor's Chalk

Visible Marking with Tailor’s Chalk

Marking fabrics is a breeze with Tailor’s Chalk. A popular choice for tailoring and alterations, Tailor’s Chalk is an easy-to-use marking tool that makes clean lines quickly. Cut and measure, mark hemlines and adjustments, or make easily removed face markings using these fabric chalks. It's easy to make clear, visible lines with marking chalk, even on dark or very textured fabrics. Marking chalk is available in several colors, materials, and styles suitable for different fabrics and materials. All fabrics interact with marking tools differently, so be sure to test Tailor’s Chalk on scrap fabric or an inconspicuous spot before applying it to the rest of the material.


Choose the Correct Marking Chalk for Your Fabric

Tailor’s Chalk is a super useful tool to have on hand, but what is the difference between the styles and materials of fabric chalk? Different materials of fabric marking chalk are more suited to certain types of fabrics. For thinner materials and synthetic fabrics, Clay Chalk is the ideal choice—or use Disappearing Chalk for extra-sensitive materials that can’t be ironed. Wax Chalk is especially suited to thicker, more heat-tolerant fabrics. Get a more in-depth look at how to choose the best marking chalk for your projects by checking out our handy “Choosing Chalk” guide below. Still have questions? Give our team of experts a call—we’re here to help.