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Fabric Marking Pens, Pencils & Chalk at WAWAK Sewing Supplies.

Whether you need to make temporary or permanent fabric markings, WAWAK has the tools you need to mark any fabric, from coarse, heavy materials to fine, delicate fabrics. Choose from our wide selection of marking chalk, fabric pens, pencils, and markers, and marking tools to find the perfect fit for your projects. Chalk is a great choice for making quick marks, especially on fabrics that are usually difficult to mark, like textured, heavy, or dark-colored fabrics. For more precise marks, choose from our large variety of marking pens, pencils, and markers for fabric. ­­­Or, for more specialized marking applications, try out our marking tools like Hera markers, hem markers, pant hem markers, and more. Browse all of our Marking Tools here, or use our handy search filters to narrow down exactly which style of marking tool is best for you.