Kai 7300 12" Professional Shears

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Kai Sewing Scissor Styles

Kai 5000 vs 7000 Series Scissors | Kai 5000 Scissors | Kai 7000 Scissors

Kai 5000 vs 7000 Series Scissors

When you’re searching for the perfect pair of Kai Scissors, here’s a quick tip: look for a digit in the 5000s or 7000s in the title of each pair of scissors. This indicates which Kai Series the pair of scissors belongs to. The Kai 5000 Series offers a variety of standard crafting and sewing scissors suitable for sewers at any level. Choose from a range of quality-made scissors for sewing, crafting, embroidery, dressmaking, and more. For heavier-duty sewing scissors, try the Kai 7000 Professional Series. These professional-grade sewing scissors are made to endure more frequent and challenging use while lasting longer. Kai 7000 Professional scissors and shears are made with hardened stainless steel and sharpened at a steeper angle for a sharper, longer-lasting edge and maximum durability.

Kai Sewing Scissors

Choose Kai Scissors For Smooth, Comfortable Fabric Cutting

Kai Professional Sewing Scissors are some of the finest professional-quality sewing scissors and shears available for sewers at any level. Each pair of Kai Scissors is hand-polished and balanced to ensure the highest possible cutting efficiency on all of your fabrics. The softgrip handles and hardened stainless steel blades ensure smooth, effortless cutting and a comfortable grip that helps prevent hand fatigue. Kai Scissors are manufactured with extra-durable stainless steel for a longer-lasting edge, allowing you to keep cutting with well-sharpened blades for longer. Choose from a variety of high-quality sewing, quilting, and crafting scissors to find a new set of sewing scissors so good, you’ll never want another pair.


Kai Scissor Maintenance

We know that you want to make the most of your Kai Sewing Scissors—luckily, it’s not hard to do! It only takes a bit of attention and maintenance to help extend the life of your sewing scissors. That's why we've put together a quick and easy guide on how to best care for and maintain your scissors or shears. Check out the guide below to see our tips on avoiding blade damage, keeping your scissors sharp, and maintaining the smooth cutting action you love to keep your favorite pair of scissors in top condition.

View Scissor Care Guide