YKK Excella #5 11" Golden Brass Pant/Skirt/Dress Zipper - Navy (560)

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WAWAK Sewing Supplies YKK Brass Pant Skirt Dress Zippers

Brass Zippers Ideal for Pants, Dresses and More

For the perfect zipper for pants, skirts, purses, handbags, and more, look no further than Brass non-separating (closed-end) zippers. Brass pant/skirt/dress zippers have matching gold-colored teeth and sliders, with options for a variety of tape colors. These metal zippers add a high-end finish to any formal garment, handbag, or purse, and are the perfect zipper for everything from dresses to jeans. Choose from a variety of sizes and lengths to find the perfect zipper for your next sewing project.

Brass Pant, Skirt and Dress Zippers Available in 5 Tooth Sizes

YKK #2 Brass Pant Skirt Dress Zippers

#2 Brass Pant Zippers

Our lightest Pant, Skirt & Dress Zippers, YKK #2 Brass Zippers are lightweight non-separating (closed-end) zippers great for skirts, dresses, or children’s clothing and especially suited for light fabrics.


YKK #3 Brass Pant Skirt Dress Zippers

#3 Brass Pant Zippers

Italian Made #3 Brass Pant, Skirt & Dress Zippers are great for adding a lightweight and classy zipper to a variety of garments, bags, and home décor projects. Non-Separating (closed-end) Zippers suitable for skirts, dresses, pillows & duvet covers, purses & handbags, and more.


YKK #4.5 Brass Pant Skirt Dress Zippers

#4.5 Brass Pant Zippers

YKK #4.5 Brass Pant, Skirt & Dress Zippers are lighter medium-weight zippers perfect for handbags and purses. These non-separating (closed-end) zippers are also a great choice for heavier skirts and dresses or as a slightly lighter option for jeans and pants.

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YKK #5 Brass Pant Skirt Dress Zippers

#5 Brass Pant Zippers

YKK and Italian Made #5 Brass Pant, Skirt & Dress Zippers are medium-weight zippers suitable for a wide range of garments and other projects. These are the standard weight for jean zippers and the ideal choice for pants and boots.

Brass Jean Zipper Unzipping Pair of Blue Jean Pants

Which Zipper Material Should I Choose?

One of the most important characteristics of a zipper is the tooth material. Whether Metal, Nylon Coil, or Invisible Nylon, each style of pant/skirt/dress zipper has its own advantages. Nylon Coil is very flexible and durable because of the “coiled” tooth design, allowing it to withstand more horizontal strain. Invisible Nylon Zippers also have a nylon coil but are generally lighter. Both are good options for curved seams and seams with more horizontal stress, like fitted gowns. Metal is very durable and eye-catching with many options (antique brass, antique silver, black oxide, brass, gunmetal, and nickel). Best for straight seams as they are not as flexible, and less suited to horizontal stress.

Sewing Metal Zippers

Sewing with Metal Zippers

Working with YKK metal zippers (or any other brand zipper) can be intimidating if you’ve never used them before. Here are few easy tips that will make working with metal zippers much more approachable. When installing a metal zipper, like the full line of YKK zippers we carry, it’s important to be very cautious with your sewing machine needle—be sure to use a zipper foot and don’t be afraid to hand crank your machine to ensure that you don’t run into the metal teeth. If you find that metal zipper starts sticking, use a zipper lubricant and run the zipper back and forth multiple times to get it moving smoothly.