YKK #5 24" Invisible Nylon Conceal Knit Jacket Zipper - Beige (572)

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Invisible Nylon Jacket Zippers Available in 2 Tooth Sizes

#3 Separating Invisible Zippers

#3 Separating Invisible Zippers

Lighter weight Invisible Jacket Zippers, ideal for lightweight garments with a separating closure like blouses or robes. Available in a variety of lengths and colors.


#5 Separating Invisible Zipper

#5 Separating Invisible Zippers

Slightly heavier Invisible Separating Zippers, suited for separating closures on light-to-medium-weight garments like light jackets and formal wear. Choose from several colors and lengths.

Invisible Separating Zipper

Using Separating Invisible Zippers

Separating Invisible Zippers are ideal for elegant, functional closures that completely separate. When zipped, an Invisible Zipper’s teeth are concealed, creating a seamless appearance and a “hidden” closure perfect for items like formal wear, where a sleeker appearance is desirable. These Invisible Zippers separate at the bottom, making them an excellent choice for lightweight jackets, blouses, costuming, fashion pieces, or other separating closures. Unlike most zippers, invisible zippers are sewn into the seam before it’s finished to ensure the seam lies flat. For best results, install a Separating Invisible Zipper using an Invisible Zipper Sewing Machine Foot.