WAWAK Perform-X Waxed Silamide Skeins - Tex 23 - 675 yds. - Army Green

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Waxed Silamide Thread | Waxed Nylon Thread

Waxed Thread for Smooth Fine Sewing and Beading

WAWAK Perform-X Waxed Skeins contain high-quality wax-coated nylon threads perfectly suited for hand sewing. Waxed nylon threads, sometimes called silamide threads, are often used in place of silk thread for sewing fine garments, furs, and delicate materials. Stronger than silk thread but equally light and smooth-textured, the soft texture and wax finish make these threads highly sewable and able to hold knots well. Because of this, WAWAK Perform-X Waxed Thread Skeins are also an excellent choice for beading and sewing on buttons or hemming heavier fabrics. These waxed nylon threads are lightweight, soft, and strong: the ideal choice for couture sewing, hand sewing, beading, and more.

WAWAK Perform-X Professional Sewing Threads

WAWAK Perform-X Professional Sewing Threads

We know that professional sewing requires a top-of-the-line thread—and WAWAK Perform-X threads are up to the task. Our premium line of WAWAK threads offers professional-grade sewing threads specifically designed and tested for high-performance and technical applications. These premium sewing threads bring only the best in technical durability and superb smoothness in several weights, materials, and styles for smooth stitching and secure seams on any project. WAWAK Perform-X Threads are fully tested to ensure the best possible performance.


Tex Thread Size Chart & Thread Weight to Tex Conversion Guide

It’s common to see threads labeled with a “Tex” Number. But what does that number mean? Tex, or Tex Weight, is a standard way of measuring thread weight that’s deceptively easy to understand: the higher the Tex, the thicker the thread. That’s all there is to it!

A thread’s Tex is equal to the weight in grams of 1000 meters of that thread, so a heavier thread has a higher Tex. For example, if 1000 meters of a thread weighs 30 grams, it is Tex 30. Typical light-weight sewing threads range from Tex 8-25, medium-weight sewing threads are Tex 25-40, and heavy-weight sewing threads are Tex 40 and up.

We know that sewing thread weights can be confusing, so we put together a handy chart of some equivalents between commonly used thread weights to help you find the perfect match. Find an estimated equivalent on the chart below, or convert a thread weight on your own using our thread conversion chart.

View Conversion Chart

Thread Weight Chart