Gutermann Mara 100 All Purpose Thread Color Shades Pack - Tex 30 - 1,093 Yds. - 5/Pack - Yellow

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Expand Your Color Palette With Gutermann Thread Packs

Gutermann Mara Color Shades Thread Sets

Color Shades Thread Packs

Choose a limited but vibrant color palette for your threads with monochromatic Color Shades Thread Packs. Each of these thread sets features five spools of Gutermann Mara 100 in five distinct shades of the same color.  

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Gutermann Mara Color Tones Thread Sets

Color Tones Thread Packs

For a larger coordinated color palette, take a look at Color Tones Thread Packs. These thread sets offer a beautiful collection of 10 richly colored spools of Gutermann Mara 100, featuring 10 distinct colors.  

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Best Selling Gutermann Mara Threads

Best Sellers Thread Packs

Looking to stock up on all-purpose thread? Trust your fellow sewers to help you pick out all the colors you need. Our Best Seller Thread Packs contain 25, 50, or 100 spools of our most popular Gutermann Mara 100 thread colors.  

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Gutermann Mara Thread Sets

Your Favorite Thread In Every Color With Gutermann Thread Packs

At WAWAK, we know that sewers everywhere love Gutermann Mara 100. With its strength, low lint, and beautiful silk-like sheen, of course you’d want more than just one color! That’s why we’ve selected our most popular Gutermann Mara 100 colors and assembled them in these beautiful Gutermann thread sets. Be prepared for any project that comes your way with a variety of colors, or choose a rich color palette for a specific project. However you use your Gutermann threads, we’ve got a thread color pack that’s perfect for you. Choose from a variety of thoughtfully color-coordinated thread sets, or try an assortment of our best-selling Gutermann Mara 100 colors to have all the thread colors you need on hand.


Gutermann Thread Color Chart

Did you know Gutermann Mara Threads are available in up to 700 colors? We know, that’s a lot of options—luckily, we’ve got thread color charts to help you keep track. Check out the handy Gutermann Thread Color Chart below to see all of our Gutermann Mara thread colors or find the exact color you’re looking for. If you prefer to see thread colors in person before you order, our Gutermann 400-Color Thread Charts feature real thread samples of each color to help you get the perfect match. Looking for a specific Gutermann Thread color on our site? Here’s a handy tip: Use one of our Gutermann Color Charts to find your color’s code—it’s the small number labeling each color swatch. Then, enter “Gutermann” and your color code in the search bar to see all of the Gutermann threads that we sell in that color! If you know exactly what type and color you want (and this goes for any product), simply enter the stock # in the search bar, hit enter, and you'll be taken straight to it – give GTDA000 a try!

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