Gutermann 50 WT Natural All-Purpose 100% Cotton Thread - Tex 20 - 876 yds. - Red (2074)

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Gutermann Cotton Natural Thread

Choose Gutermann Cotton Thread For Quilting, Sewing And More

Looking for an all-purpose thread that’s 100% cotton? Gutermann Natural Cotton Thread is just what you need. This all-purpose cotton thread is suitable for hand or machine sewing and applicable for a wide variety of projects. With its strength, colorfastness, and silky-smooth finish, Gutermann Cotton Thread is the perfect choice for quilting thread—many quilters prefer cotton thread for its natural heat resistance and soft look and feel. It’s also applicable for garment sewing, hand sewing, and more. Choose from several rich colors of this versatile medium-weight (Tex 20 or 50wt.) sewing thread to find the ideal cotton thread for your next project.

Gutermann Cotton Thread

Strong, Smooth 100% Cotton Gutermann Thread

Natural-fiber sewers, you’ve found your perfect thread. Gutermann Natural Cotton Thread is strong, soft, and 100% cotton: the ideal choice for anyone who’s looking to work with a natural-fiber thread without sacrificing strength and smoothness. What makes Gutermann Natural Cotton Thread special? This thread consists of 100% long-staple cotton, meaning the original cotton fibers are longer than short or regular-staple cotton. Because of the length of the fiber, threads made of long-staple cotton are soft, durable, and have some fray resistance. Plus, Gutermann Natural Cotton Thread is mercerized, meaning it’s additionally processed to strengthen the thread and give it a smooth, silky finish and excellent colorfastness.