Zipper Walking Sewing Machine Foot - Left Foot (240153)

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Sewing Machine Feet For Every Seam

Sewing Machine Feet For Every Seam

From walking feet to zipper feet, there’s a Sewing Machine Foot for every fabric, stitch, and seam. Sewing Machine Feet provide a range of functional capabilities for your sewing, including hemming, gathering, bias binding, and more. Hold your fabric steady as you sew with a standard machine foot, keep multiple layers of fabric in place with a walking foot, install a zipper with a zipper foot, or choose from one of our other Sewing Machine Feet for a variety of specific uses. Choose from a wide variety of presser feet to find the perfect Sewing Machine Foot for your every sewing need.

Styles of Sewing Machine Feet

Are Sewing Machine Feet Universal?

Are Sewing Machine Feet Universal?

To know if a sewing machine foot will fit your machine, first find out if your machine is high shank, low shank, or another style. Most home sewing machines are low-shank style. Only low shank feet will fit a low shank machine, and only high shank feet will fit a high shank machine. As long as you match the style of the foot and machine, most brands or types of presser feet should be applicable. Some sewing machine manufacturers, like Bernina, use their own system that is neither high nor low shank: for these exceptions, other feet will not be interchangeable. If you have any questions about fitting sewing machine feet to your machine, feel free to call us with any questions.