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You rely a lot on your sewing machine to get projects done professionally and quickly. But let’s face it: no sewing machine runs perfectly without a little maintenance! WAWAK Sewing Supplies is your one-stop shop for parts and supplies to keep sewing and serger machines running smoothly. We have everything you need for sewing machine maintenance and repair, including sewing machine oil, cleaners, bobbins, and replacement parts—not to mention our huge selection of sewing machine feet for every seam and fabric type.

We also carry a variety of machine accessories to make sewing with a machine more comfortable and convenient. Choose from bobbin tools, thread stands, knee pads and cushions, and so many more accessories to improve your workstation. Shop all Sewing Machine Accessories here to find what you need to make working with a sewing machine as effortless as possible—and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have regarding what’s best for your sewing machine setup.