WAWAK 1/4" Double-Sided Leather Basting Tape - 60 yds. - Clear

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Basting Tape Styles

Extra-Strong Basting Tape for Vinyl, Leather, And More.

Extra-Strong Basting Tape for Vinyl, Leather, And More.

Basting Tape saves you time and helps keep your work precise. This double-sided basting tape has a very aggressive adhesive specifically designed for holding vinyl, leather, and other heavy materials in place. It’s an excellent choice for basting and keeping zippers in place, especially for fabrics that can’t be punctured with a pin without leaving behind a mark. These high-tack double-sided sewing tapes are transparent for easy placement. Vinyl/Leather Basting Tapes are an excellent choice for bag-making, upholstery, home textile sewing, and leathercraft.

Can You Sew Through Basting Tape?

Can You Sew Through Basting Tape?

If you're sewing with basting tape, you've probably wondered whether it's safe to sew directly through the tape. Our Super Strong Vinyl/Leather Basting Tape has a very aggressive adhesive, so it may gum up your needle when sewn through. The tape sides may also be visible depending on a seam’s placement. It’s best to avoid sewing through basting tapes whenever possible by placing the tape just below where you’re going to stitch. For best results, choose a basting tape that’s slightly narrower than your seam allowance to leave just enough room for your seam. If you decide to sew through basting tape, many sewers find it helpful to clean the needle frequently with rubbing alcohol. You might also find it helpful to coat the needle with a lubricant to help prevent gum buildup—we recommend our WAWAK Thread Lubricant to help keep your needle clean. Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our team at WAWAK. We’re happy to help!