Snap Tape - 100% Cotton - 3/4" x 12 yds. - White

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Types of Snap Buttons

Snap Buttons | Snaps | Snap Fasteners

Heavy Duty Snap Buttons

Sewing snaps used for garments, bags, and more. These Heavy-Duty Ring Snaps are great for functional closures with smooth action on jackets, coats, bags, totes, device cases, and more. Ring Snaps require a Snap Tool to install. 


Sew-On Snap Buttons | Snap Buttons | Snaps

Sew-On Snap Buttons

Sew-on Snaps can be easily attached by hand sewing, so there is no snap tool required to install--just whip stitch around the edges to secure. Choose from plastic or metal sew-on snaps for garments, bags, and more.


Magnetic Snap Fasteners

Magnetic Snaps

Magnetic snap closures are used to secure openings on purses, handbags, and totes. They can be sewn in or easily installed; no snap tool required. Available in several styles including hidden, pronged, and sew-on.


Open Ring Snaps

Snap Buttons with a low profile and light tension for an unobtrusive, lightweight, and quick-to-undo closure. Ideal for lightweight and delicate fabrics. Often used for infant clothing, medical garments, and workwear.

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Spring Snaps

Spring Snaps

Lightweight snaps ideal for decorative garment applications like performance apparel, leather, outerwear, fashion apparel, and more. Spring Snaps are available in several sizes and a variety of classic metal finishes.

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Snap Tape

Snap Tape

Snap Tape is cotton tape with a row of metal snaps that can be easily sewn. Ideal for infant clothing, shirt closures, pillows, and duvet covers. Sew into a garment or other project using a zipper foot and pre-shrink before using.

Snap Tape

Easily Install A Row Of Snaps With Snap Tape

With Snap Tape, adding a row of snap fasteners is—well—a snap! Snap Tape consists of a row of metal snap buttons embedded in cotton fabric tape. To install, pre-shrink the Snap Tape and sew it to your overlapping closure. Using Snap Tape is a convenient way to save time anytime you need to install rows of snap buttons. Plus, Snap Tape tends to be a bit more comfortable against the skin, making it the ideal choice for projects like infant clothing, shirt closures, pillows, duvet covers, and more.