Wedding Gown Rounded Hook & Eyes - Size 1 - 24 Sets/Pack - White

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Hook & Eyes Sizing Guide

Hook & Eyes are available from sizes 0 to 3. Larger sized Hook & Eyes are a bit stronger and easier to hook, and smaller Hook & Eyes are extra lightweight. We know it can be difficult to visualize the size when ordering online, so we’ve put together an actual-size chart for our Hook & Eye closures. To view the Hook & Eye size guide, click the link below. If you’re unsure which Hook & Eye style is right for your projects or have any other questions, feel free to contact us—we’re always happy to help.

View Hook & eyes Guide

Hook & Eye for Wedding Gowns

Hook & Eyes Closures for Bridal Gowns

Fastening finished edges with a subtle and secure closure is simple using a Hook & Eye fastener for bridal gowns and wedding dresses. Wedding Gown Hook and Eyes are made of steel with a white enamel coating—ideal for matching bridal gowns, lingerie, or costuming. Choose from rounded or square styles to fit your design. Hook & Eye fasteners are ideal for necklines, cuffs, lingerie, and skirt or dress closures. They are also commonly used at the top of a gown zipper to relieve some of the horizontal stress and create a finished look. Simply sew through the loops to install a Hook & Eyes closure in a garment.

Hook & Eyes Styles