100% Polyester Square Pillow Insert - 12" x 12" - White

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Pillow Insert Sizes

Pillow Forms are available in a variety of sizes, from throw pillow inserts to extra-large pillow forms. Pillow form sizing can vary depending on design and personal preference, but if you’re not sure where to start, check out the pillow insert size chart below for some general suggestions for a typical full-looking pillow. For a firmer, more “overstuffed” look, choose a larger pillow form size, or choose a smaller one for a pillow with more “give”.


Pillow Form Styles

Square Pillow Inserts

Rectangular Pillow Inserts

Choose from a variety of sizes and pillow fillers to get any pillow looking just right, from throw pillows to bedding.

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Round Pillow Inserts

Round Pillow Inserts

Perfect for throw pillows and decorative couch pillows—these round throw pillow inserts are a popular choice for crafts.

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Neck Pillow Inserts

Neckroll Pillow Inserts

Soft neck pillow inserts for a neck roll pillow that holds its shape well.

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Pillow Forms | Pillow Inserts

Pillow Forms and Inserts Ideal for Home Decor

A must-have for every upholstery and home décor sewist, our Pillow Forms (also sometimes called pillow inserts or pillow fillers) are a great way to put your work on display—no pillow cover is complete without one! Choose from Pillow Forms in a variety of shapes, materials, and sizes to complete your projects. These pillow inserts are a great choice for those looking to display embroidery, needlepoint, or cross stitching, or for other decorative and functional home décor, from throw pillows to full-sized pillows.

Choosing Pillow Insert Materials

Feather/Down Pillow Inserts

Plush, lofty pillow inserts with a 10% down, 90% feather filling and a cotton covering. Feather/Down pillows are moldable with a soft feel. They may need to be fluffed to maintain shape.

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Standard Polyester Pillow Inserts

Polyester pillow forms feature a 100% polyester filling and a polyester/cotton covering. They are lightweight and hold their shape well, making them ideal for decorative cushions with a full appearance.

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Polyester/Non-Woven Pillow Inserts

Polyester/Non-Woven Pillow Forms are our most economical option, with a 100% polyester filling and non-woven polyester cover. These lightweight pillow forms hold shape well and are ideal for craft projects.

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