1" YKK Contoured Plastic Side Release Buckles - Black

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Choosing Plastic Bag Hardware

Plastic Buckles | Side-Release Buckles | Strap Buckles


Create secure closures with durable Plastic Buckles ideal for strapping and belting on backpacks, fanny packs, outdoor and sporting gear, and more. These convenient strap buckles provide a secure hold while still being easy enough to open with one hand.

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Plastic D-Rings


Use sturdy plastic D-rings to create attachment points for straps. Plastic D-Rings are durable and strong, ideal for backpacks, knapsacks, totes, and more. Use two D-rings paired together to create a strap adjustment point.

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Cord Locks And Cord Stops

Locks & Stops

If you’re working with elastic cording, Cord Locks and Stops are essential to prevent cords from slipping. Find the perfect cord lock or stop for drawstrings, sporting and outdoor gear, outerwear, jackets, bags, and more.   

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Plastic Bag Closures

Miscellaneous Closures

Customize any project to fit your design with other Plastic Bag Hardware, including tri-bar glides, strap adjusters, snap hooks, and more. Use tri-bar glides or strap adjusters to make any strap adjustable, or try pairing a snap hook with a D-ring for a removable attachment point. 

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Side Release Buckles

Sturdy Plastic Buckles For Straps, Outdoor Gear, And More

Whether you’re sewing or repairing an outdoor garment or bag, Plastic Buckles are just what you need to create a secure and sturdy closure that’s easy to use. Most commonly used on bag straps and outdoor gear, durable Plastic Buckles are up for any task. With one quick click, these side-release buckles and parachute buckles easily fasten and release for maximum ease of use. When secured, they grip tightly for a reliable closure, so you don’t have to worry about a strap accidentally coming undone. Try out Plastic Buckles for straps and closures of all kinds—their durable plastic construction makes these strap buckles especially suited to heavy-duty and outdoor applications like backpacks, fanny packs, luggage, sports equipment, outdoor gear, and more.


Plastic Buckle Sizing Chart

Not sure which buckle size to use for your project? No problem! The most important thing to ensure when deciding on a buckle size is that the buckle is the right fit for the strap or webbing you plan to attach it to. Simply check that these two items have a matching width—for example, a 1” buckle for 1” webbing—and you're good to go! Once you’ve got that down, you can decide which buckle size is best for your project. Keep in mind the size of your finished project, as well as how much weight the buckle and strap will have to support. For a general idea of some different buckle sizes and common uses for them, check out the chart below.


Buckles & Webbing Are The Perfect Bag Strap Duo.


Create secure closures and adjustable fastening straps on backpacks, bags, luggage, fanny packs, and more with these sturdy Plastic Buckles. Choose from a variety of side release or parachute-style buckles.

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Heavy-duty woven strips ideal for making straps on totes, backpacks, outdoor gear, and more. Be sure to choose a webbing that matches the width of your bag hardware—for example, use 1” wide webbing for a 1” buckle.

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