Seam Gauge W/ Point Turner - 7"

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Which Sewing Gauge is Right for You?

Measure & Mark Sewing Gauge

Measure & Mark With A Sewing Gauge

Taking precise, accurate measurements is an important step in creating professional-quality sewing projects. Make this step in your process a little easier using a Sewing Gauge. A sewing gauge, sometimes called a seam gauge, is a measuring ruler with a sliding marker that allows you to easily mark your measurements on the gauge itself. Sewing Gauges are an essential tool for garment making, quilting, and more. Perfect for creating consistent widths and even spacing, Seam Gauges are the ideal sewing ruler for hems, seam allowance, pleats, buttons, and more. Available in a variety of styles.

Sewing Gauge Uses

Seam Gauge Uses

Sewing Gauges are a useful and versatile measuring tool for every sewist, great for a variety of applications. The sliding marker is used to visually mark a desired measurement, which can then be quickly and easily referenced for repeated measurements. One way this is used is to check for consistent width: hems, seam allowances, bias bindings, and waistbands are easy to keep even in width using a seam gauge. They can also be used to mark consistent sizing and even spacing between points; for example, marking button placement and pinning tucks or pleats. A seam gauge is especially helpful in garment construction, where consistent sizing and spacing is key to a well-fitting and professional-looking garment.