Magnetic Pin Wand - 8" - Green

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Pin Holder Styles

Magnetic Pin Holder | Magnetic Pin Cushion | Black Magnetic Sewing Pin Cushion

Magnetic Pin Holders

Use a Magnetic Pin Holder to pick up and keep track of pins and needles easily. A handy addition to any sewing table, Magnetic Pin Accessories can be used to keep pins in place or pick up stray pins, helping you keep your workspace clear.

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wrist pin cushion

Wrist Pin Cushions

Safely keep pins and needles at your fingertips with a Wrist Pin Cushion. A portable option, great for tailoring, quilting, and projects where you might move around as you work. Keep pins within reach with a Wrist Pin Cushion.

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tomato pin cushions

Tomato Pin Cushions

The classic pin cushion, and a staple of every sewing kit, a Tomato Pin Cushion is a lightweight and convenient choice that’s easy to bring with you anywhere. Keep track of pins of any shape and size with a Tomato Pin Cushion.

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Magnetic Pin Cushions | Magnetized Pin Cushions | Magnet For Sewing Pins

Magnetic Pin Cushions

Keep track of pins easily and quickly with a magnetic pin holder for sewing. Choose from several styles of magnetic pin accessories, helpful for keeping track of straight pins, quilter’s pins, and needles. Magnetic pin cushions, wristbands, and wands contain a strong magnet perfect for keeping metal pins in place. They can also be used to help pick up pins safely from surfaces.