Interfacing For Bag Construction

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Bag Interfacing – The Best Interfacing for Bags.

Add structure and body to bags, handbags, and purses with Interfacing for bags from WAWAK Sewing Supplies. Interfacing fabrics go on the wrong side of the fabric to add structure or strength to an area of a bag or other project and are usually not visible on the outside of the project. Interfacings are used to shape pockets, reinforce areas of a bag that withstand a lot of stress, help a bag keep its shape, stiffen the outside of a bag to create structure, or are adhered to an inner lining of a bag to give it a smooth look and added durability. We also have the best fusible interfacing for bags that have an adhesive side so they are easily installed by ironing the interfacing to your desired fabric. Choose from a variety of interfacings, including lightweight, medium-weight, and heavy-weight interfacing.