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Grommets, Eyelets, & Rivets For Bag Straps and More.

Find everything you need to give your bag a professional finish with Grommets, Eyelets, and Rivets from WAWAK Sewing Supplies. Perfect for handbags, purses, totes, backpacks, and more, these bag construction pieces are essentials for repairing, improving, and building bags. Grommets and Eyelets are used to strengthen and reinforce a hole that needs to withstand friction from everyday use, making them an ideal option for straps and cords. Eyelets and Grommets are also used as decorative accents. Rivets are used for attaching straps, belting, and fabrics, and can be used as accents. All Eyelets, Grommets, and Rivets are strong metal pieces that hold very securely and can be used on heavy materials like vinyl, rubber, and leather. Filter your page results by “Grommet & Eyelet Tools” to find all of the tools you’ll need to install Grommets, Eyelets, and Rivets. See all styles of Grommets, Eyelets, and Rivets here to find everything you need to complete your next bag project.