#3 Gold Metallic Nylon Coil Continuous Zipper Roll - 3 yds. - Aqua

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Continuous Zipper Materials

Working With Continuous Roll Zippers

Working With Continuous Roll Zippers

If you need a non-standard zipper size for a project, Continuous Roll Zippers are just what you’re looking for. These “zippers by the yard” come in a roll with no zipper stops so you can cut your zippers to any length. They’re perfect for when you need an extra-long zipper for a gown or tent, or anytime you want to customize the length of a zipper. To use zippers by the roll, start by cutting the zipper to the desired length using regular sewing scissors. If you’re using a metal zipper, carefully remove the extra teeth with a pair of Zipper Pliers. Then, install a zipper slider by hand or using a zipper jig. Though it is possible to make a separating zipper using a zipper roll, it’s much easier to create a clean closed-end zipper, so you’ll want to add zipper stops to keep the slider on track. With that, your custom zipper is ready to sew into your project!

Which Continuous Zipper Material Should I Choose

Which Continuous Zipper Material Should I Choose?

With so many styles of Continuous Roll Zipper, it can be hard to know which is best for your projects. Whether Metal, Molded Plastic, Invisible Nylon, Metallic Nylon, or Nylon Coil, every type of zipper has its advantages. Nylon Coil Zippers are very flexible and durable because of the “coiled” tooth design, allowing them to withstand horizontal stress and curved seams. They’re the most versatile zippers, ideal for everything from garments to luggage. For the flexibility of Nylon Coil with the appearance of metal, check out our Metallic Nylon Coil—a popular choice for bag making. Invisible Nylon Zippers also have a nylon coil but are lighter, with hidden teeth for a smoother, seamless look. They’re perfect for formal wear, home décor, and any hidden zipper application. Metal Zippers are very durable and add a classic decorative element to any project. Plus, metal zippers are available in many finishes, including aluminum, brass, antique brass, and nickel. Metal Zippers are best for straight seams as they are a bit more rigid and less suited to horizontal stress.