Rotary Thread Rack - 84 Spools/DIY to be 93 Spools - Table Top

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Thread Storage, Bobbin Holders and More Sewing Storage Options

Bobbin Holders & Racks

Bobbin Holders & Boxes

Choose from a variety of bobbin holder styles to keep wound bobbins in order and prevent unraveling and tangling.

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Sewing Thread Racks & Thread Holders

Thread Racks & Holders

Keep thread spools or cones organized and easily accessible with a thread rack, pegboard, or other thread holder.

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Sewing Storage

Sewing Storage

Choose from other all-purpose sewing storage options, excellent for storing a variety of sewing notions.

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Thread Racks and Thread Holders For Convenient Storage

Thread Racks & Thread Holders For Convenient Storage

With a different thread for every color, thickness, and fabric type, you’ve got a lot of threads on hand. Keep your sewing workspace in order by using Thread Racks and Thread Holders to organize thread spools, thread cones, embroidery floss, or other threads. Thread Racks and pegboards allow you to organize threads in a way that makes them very visible and easily accessible. For longer term storage, thread boxes and other closed Thread Holders keep threads free of dust while in storage. Thread Racks and Thread Holders are an essential for keeping your sewing threads organized—choose from a variety of styles to find the best storage option for your workspace.

Tips For Thread Storage

Tips For Thread Storage

If storing thread for long periods of time (months to years at a time) it’s important to store sewing threads in a place where they will last to keep them in top condition. Long-term exposure to direct sunlight can cause thread colors to fade over time, so thread is best stored away from direct sunlight to prevent this. It’s also a good idea to keep thread stored in a closed container when storing for longer periods of time to prevent dust from gathering on the thread. Dust that settles on sewing thread will most likely not harm the thread itself, but could get into the interior mechanisms of a sewing machine when used. For shorter-term storage, it is generally fine to store threads out in the open using a thread rack or stand, which provide the advantage of being able to see and access threads more easily.