Gutermann Mara 8 Poly Wrapped Poly Core Thread - Tex 400 - 874 yds.

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Gutermann Mara Thread Weights


Lightweight Gutermann Mara Threads

Lightweight poly-wrapped poly-core sewing threads for fine seams, serging or overlock machines, and light garments including shirts, blouses, underwear, lingerie, and swimwear. These lightweight threads have a silk-like shine for smooth stitches. Recommended machine needle sizes for Mara lightweight threads are: Mara 220: 8-9, Mara 150: 9-10, and Mara 120: 10-12  


Medium-Weight Gutermann Mara Threads

All-purpose polyester threads ideal for general clothing, menswear and womenswear, leisurewear, home textiles, buttonholes, and a variety of other sewing applications. Mara 100 is our best-selling all-purpose Gutermann Thread, and a high quality choice for anyone looking for a general-use sewing thread. The recommended machine needle sizes for Mara 100 are 10-14. For Mara 70, machine needle sizes 14-16 are suggested.  


Heavy-Weight Gutermann Mara Threads

Heavier all-purpose threads with a strong polyester core. Suitable for sewing leather goods, bags, denim, upholstery, shoes, and top stitching. These strong polyester threads are specifically designed for strong, uniform seams. The recommended machine needle sizes for Mara heavy weight threads are: Mara 50: 14-18, Mara 35: 16-19, Mara 30: 18-21


Extra Heavy-Duty Gutermann Mara Threads

Extra-strong polyester threads applicable for sewing leather goods, backpacks, tents, outdoor gear, and for use as a coarse decorative thread. These strong polyester threads are extremely fray and abrasion resistant for heavy-duty applications. The recommended machine needle sizes for Mara extra-heavy duty threads are: Mara 15: 22-23, Mara 11: 23-24, Mara 8: 25-27

Gutermann Thread Spools

Get to Know Gutermann Threads

Gutermann Threads are professional quality sewing threads for any project, from embroidery to upholstery and everything in between. Gutermann Mara Thread is the most wide ranging with tex weights from 13 all the way to 400. The Mara number doesn't match the tex, so be sure to check the product details for that information. If you're searching for the best all purpose thread, then look no further than our best-selling Gutermann Mara 100 Thread.


Smooth Seams for Every Sewer With Gutermann Mara Thread

Gutermann Mara Thread is made of polyester that uses a Micro Core Technology which produces a satin-smooth finish with unparalleled consistency resulting less adjustments to tension controls. Guterman Mara Thread will produce even low lint stitches every time. This has made Mara thread a go-to thread for professionals and sewing enthusiasts alike. This 100% Polyester thread is truly versatile, ranging from weights light enough for overlock seams to heavy enough for stitching on leather. For help deciding which Gutermann Mara thread weight is best for your project, download our full Gutermann Thread Guide to decide which Gutermann thread works best for you.



Tex Thread Size Chart & Thread Weight to Tex Conversion Guide

It’s common to see threads labeled with a “Tex” Number. But what does that number mean? Tex, or Tex Weight, is a standard way of measuring thread weight that’s deceptively easy to understand: the higher the Tex, the thicker the thread. That’s all there is to it!

A thread’s Tex is equal to the weight in grams of 1000 meters of that thread, so a heavier thread has a higher Tex. For example, if 1000 meters of a thread weighs 30 grams, it is Tex 30. Typical light-weight sewing threads range from Tex 8-25, medium-weight sewing threads are Tex 25-40, and heavy-weight sewing threads are Tex 40 and up.

We know that sewing thread weights can be confusing, so we put together a handy chart of some equivalents between commonly used thread weights to help you find the perfect match. Find an estimated equivalent on the chart below, or convert a thread weight on your own using our thread conversion chart.

View Conversion Chart

Thread Weight Chart