WAWAK Optipop Variegated Polyester Bonded Thread - Tex 45 - 3,000 Yds. - #1021 Desert Sands

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Choose the Correct Weight of WAWAK Optipop Thread

WAWAK Optipop Topstitch Thread Tex 35

WAWAK Optipop Tex 35

The lightest weight of WAWAK Optipop Polyester Bonded Thread, great for handbags and purses. Ideal for practically all domestic sewing machines. Recommended needle sizes: 80-100 (12-16).

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WAWAK Optipop Topstitch Thread Tex 45

WAWAK Optipop Tex 45

This medium-weight Polyester Bonded Thread creates a medium-weight stitch appearance. Ideal for a variety of projects, including small leather goods, handbags and purses. Works with most domestic and industrial machines. Recommended needle sizes: 90-110 (14-18). 

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WAWAK Optipop Topstitch Thread Tex 75

WAWAK Optipop Tex 75

Our heaviest weight of WAWAK Optipop Thread, ideal for all types of projects like handbags, purses, leather goods, suitcases, luggage and some outdoor applications. Also creates a thicker and bolder stitches. Compatible with all industrial sewing machines. Recommended needle sizes: 110-130 (18-21).

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WAWAK Optipop Polyester Bonded Thread | Topstitch Thread

Exquisite and Durable Stitches for your Next Project.

The most beautiful stitches are right at your fingertips with WAWAK Optipop Polyester Bonded Threads. These 100% polyester threads are specially designed for lustrous, durable stitching where strength and durability are critical. This unique Polyester Bonded Thread is constructed from long, continuous polyamide fibers that give each stitch a smooth, consistent quality. They also undergo a “bonding” process that seals, shines, and strengthens the thread's surface. The result is a strong polyester thread resistant to fraying, abrasion, and breakage, even in heavy-duty sewing applications. WAWAK Optipop is ideal for projects like handbags, purses, luggage, leather, and other projects requiring heavy-duty seams. Choose from a variety of colors and several tex weights.