Amann Strongbond Nylon Bonded Thread - Tex 210 - 2,077 yds. - #2000 (White)

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Amann Strongbond Thread Weights


Lightweight Bonded Nylon Threads

Lighter-weight extra-strong threads applicable for shoes, bags, handbags, outdoor garments, light upholstery fabrics, and multi-directional sewing. Bonded threads have a smooth outer coating that provides a flawless finish and prevents fraying—even when sewing at high speeds. The recommended needle size for Amman Strongbond Tex 35 is 12-16. For Tex 45, machine needle size 14-18 is suggested.  


Medium-Weight Bonded Nylon Threads

Medium-weight bonded threads. The most common weight used for furniture upholstery, also applicable for purses and handbags, shoes, heavy curtains, outdoor gear and furnishings, and small leather goods. The special bonding process makes Nylon Bonded threads a bit stiffer to ensure reliably secure seams. The recommended needle size for Amman Strongbond Tex 70 is 18-21. For Tex 90, machine needle size 19-22 is suggested.  


Heavy Weight Bonded Nylon Threads

Extra-durable heavy-weight threads for the toughest of sewing applications. Use heavy-weight Bonded Nylon Threads for sewing larger leather goods, contrast stitching or bold topstitching, and heavy duty outdoor gear. Nylon Bonded Threads go through a special “bonding” process that makes them extremely fray and abrasion resistant, even with stiffest materials. The recommended needle sizes for these Amann Strongbond threads are as follows: Tex 135: 22-23, Tex 210: 24-25, Tex 270: 25-27.

Amman Strongbond Nylon Bonded Thread | Nylon Bonded Thread | Amann Nylon Bonded Thread

What are Bonded Threads?

What does it mean if a thread is “Bonded”? Bonded threads are coated with a protective resin layer that reduces friction, making them stronger and more resistant to fraying, abrasion, heat, and thread breakage. Bonded threads have high breakage resistance with strength and elasticity, designed for heavy-duty sewing applications. They are typically a bit stiffer than non-bonded threads and have a very smooth, even finish. Bonded Threads are usually either Polyester or Nylon and are most often used for high-friction sewing, such as sewing heavy or abrasive materials like leather or canvas, or high-speed industrial sewing—any sewing application that requires an extra-strong fray and breakage-resistant thread.

Super Strong Threads for Sewing Leather, Vinyl, Canvas and More

Super Strong Threads for Sewing Leather, Vinyl, Canvas and More

For high-friction sewing applications, you need an extra-strong thread that’s up to the task. Amann Strongbond Nylon Bonded Threads are strong nylon threads with extra fray, abrasion, and breakage resistance. Amann Strongbond Bonded Nylon Threads is ideal for sewing leather, vinyl, canvas, or other heavy materials. Bonded threads are also suited for high-speed industrial sewing and multi-directional sewing. Amann Strongbond Nylon Bonded Threads are perfect for applications like handbags, totes, luggage, shoes, tents, and upholstery, with consistency and shine that results in smooth, even stitches, even on the toughest fabrics.


Tex Thread Size Chart & Thread Weight to Tex Conversion Guide

It’s common to see threads labeled with a “Tex” Number. But what does that number mean? Tex, or Tex Weight, is a standard way of measuring thread weight that’s deceptively easy to understand: the higher the Tex, the thicker the thread. That’s all there is to it!

A thread’s Tex is equal to the weight in grams of 1000 meters of that thread, so a heavier thread has a higher Tex. For example, if 1000 meters of a thread weighs 30 grams, it is Tex 30. Typical light-weight sewing threads range from Tex 8-25, medium-weight sewing threads are Tex 25-40, and heavy-weight sewing threads are Tex 40 and up.

We know that sewing thread weights can be confusing, so we put together a handy chart of some equivalents between commonly used thread weights to help you find the perfect match. Find an estimated equivalent on the chart below, or convert a thread weight on your own using our thread conversion chart.

View Conversion Chart

Thread Weight Chart