Organ Leather Point Industrial Machine Needles - Size 16 - PFx134LR, 135x8RT, 134LR, SY1984 - 10/Pack

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Choosing A Needle Size

Choosing the correct needle size for your fabric can make a world of difference in any sewing project. But how do you know which size is best for your work? A needle's size is determined by its thickness, also called the needle gauge. The US needle sizing system ranges from 0 to 40, with higher numbers representing thicker needles, and lower numbers indicating thinner needles. For lighter fabrics, choosing a thinner sewing machine needle will help prevent skipped stitches and fabric damage. Or, try a thicker needle on heavy fabrics to avoid needle and thread breakage. You can also reduce your chances of fabric damage and needle breakage by changing your machine needle regularly—it’s recommended to change a needle after approximately 8 hours of use. To get a more specific estimate of what needle size is the best fit for your project, check out our handy Tex to Machine Needle Size Chart below.

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Which Industrial Machine Needle Style Should I Choose?

Will This Needle Fit My Sewing Machine?

Will This Needle Fit My Sewing Machine?

How do you know if a certain needle will fit your industrial sewing machine? This has to do with your sewing machine’s needle system, which is different from needle size—it refers to how the needle fits in the machine. To identify your sewing machine’s needle system, check your sewing machine manual, the machine itself, or a package of needles that came with the machine. You’re looking for a number or letter-number combination, such as ELx705, 16x231, or 13017. When it’s time to order a new set, match this code to the one on your new needles—the needle system is often labeled on the packaging or listed in the product description. Not sure of your machine’s needle system? You can also easily find needles that fit your specific machine on our site using the “Filter by Manufacturer” feature found on the Needles page.