Organ Quilting Home Machine Needles - Size 11 & 14 - 15x1, 130/705H-QU - 5/Pack

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Choosing A Needle Size

Needle size is an important consideration for any sewing project—choosing the right needle size for your fabric can make a world of difference. For lighter, more delicate fabrics, choose a lighter needle to prevent skipped stitches and fabric damage. For heavier fabric, a thicker needle will help prevent needle and thread breakage. For a more in-depth look at what needle size to use with your fabric by tex, see our full Tex to Needle Size Chart.

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Which Home Machine Needle Style Should I Choose?

Using The Right Needle For Your Home Sewing Machine | How To Choose The Right Sewing Needle | What Needle Should I Use On My Sewing Machine

Using the Right Needle for Your Home Sewing Machine

How do you know if a certain needle will fit your home sewing machine? This has to do with your sewing machine’s needle system, which is different from the needle’s size—it refers to how the needle fits in the machine. Luckily, almost all modern home sewing machines use a standardized needle system (commonly written as 130 x 705H, 15x1, or HAx1), so needles labelled for Home Machine use will usually fit most modern domestic machines. To find your machine’s needle system, check your sewing machine manual, the machine itself, or on a package of needles that came with the machine. Match this number (or letter-number combination) to the one on a needle package or product description when finding new needles for your home sewing machine.