Hook & Loop Fastener Tapes


Hook and Loop Fastener Tapes for Sewing and more at WAWAK.

Hook and Loop Fastener Tapes are flexible, easy-to-use closures ideal for attaching two overlapping materials. Choose from Hook & Loop Sew-On Tape or Hook & Loop Adhesive Tape for your projects. Sew-On Hook & Loop Fasteners can be easily sewn onto fabrics as a closure for clothing, pouches, handbags, and other projects. Sew-On Hook & Loop has no sticky-back adhesive. Hook and Loop Adhesive Tape is backed with a sticky glue that makes it extra easy to apply. They’re ideal for smooth surfaces, making them a great choice for home décor, crafts, and sewing room applications. See all available sizes of Hook & Loop Closures at WAWAK to find the perfect match for your sewing projects.




Frequently Asked Questions About Hook & Loop Fastener Tapes

What is a hook and loop fastener?

Hook and Loop tape is a type of fastener made of two components: a strip with small hooks and a strip with tiny loops. When pressed together, the hooks and loops stick together, allowing you to fasten the materials attached to the tape with ease.


What kind of projects use hook and loop tape?

Hook and Loop tape is commonly used to form closures on infant's clothing, children's garments, doll clothes, stuffed animals, device cases, bag pockets, pouches, outerwear pockets, outdoor gear, and other projects where a soft, easy-to-use fastener is needed.