Wax-Free Tracing Paper - 5 1/8" x 19 1/2" - 5/Pack - Assorted Colors

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Tools for Pattern Drafting and Design

Sewing Pattern Paper

Professional tracing papers, transfer papers, and pattern papers, perfect for designers and pattern makers. Choose from a variety of pattern papers ideal for pattern making.

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Pattern Tools

Having the right tools is critical for pattern making. We’ve got everything you need for pattern drafting, including tracing wheels, pattern weights, shears, hooks, notchers, and more.

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Fabric Clamps

Keep patterns and fabrics in place easily with fabric clamps. Available in 2 sizes to help you hold in place while you smooth and measure. Great for positioning and cutting pattern pieces.

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All The Tracing Papers & Sewing Pattern Tools You Need For Pattern Making

All The Tracing Papers & Sewing Pattern Tools You Need For Pattern Making

Whether you are a designer, professional pattern maker, tailor, or sewing enthusiast, we have just the tools you need to design sewing patterns with ease. Pattern tools are ideal for making sewing patterns as well as planning garment alterations. Find the perfect pattern paper to help you bring your ideas to life and the tools to make the process easy. Choose from a selection of pattern papers, tracing papers, and pattern drafting tools, including pattern weights, shears, tracing wheels, and more.