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Bag & Handbag Hardware for a High-End Finish.

No bag or purse is complete without the right bag hardware to tie it all together—and at WAWAK Sewing Supplies, we’ve got just what you need to give your bags that high-end finish. Whether you’re making, repairing, or improving a bag, our quality-made Bag Hardware is perfect for completing any purse, handbag, or fashion bag project. Find the perfect hardware for closures, accents, or strap attachment points with our large selection of purse and handbag hardware supplies, including Purse Rings, Buckles, Rivets, Handbag Feet, Cord Ends, Snaps, Swivel Hooks, Purse Locks, and many more metal bag accessories. Choose from a variety of hardware available in up to six classic metal finishes: Antique Brass, Gold, Gunmetal, Nickel, Rose Gold, and Rainbow. Browse all of our high-end handbag hardware and purse hardware here to find just what you need to elevate your next bag project.




Frequently Asked Questions About Bag Hardware

What is Bag Hardware?

Bag Hardware is the general term for any of a bag’s metal fittings. This includes items like strap rings, rivets, bag feet, metal buckles, locks, closures, and more. Bag Hardware can be decorative or functional, but most bag hardware is both! Adding metal Bag Hardware is a great way to elevate a project with a professional finishing touch.

Bag Hardware is perfect for projects like purses, handbags, and shoulder bags. Many sewers find the classic metal finish pairs well with leather or vinyl bags to create a high-end look. It isn’t limited to “luxury” bags, though—Bag Hardware is also durable enough to add to items like backpacks and luggage.

What are D-Rings used for?

In bag making, D-Rings can be used for several applications. One popular use is as an attachment point for a purse or handbag strap. (You can also add a swivel hook to the strap to make it removable.) Or, two overlapping D-Rings can be used to create an adjustable strap. D-Rings are also often used on backpacks, pet collars, and even garments like overalls to provide a place to fasten some kind of hook. These are only a few of the many creative ways sewers use D-Rings!

What handbag hardware supplies do you carry?

WAWAK offers a large selection of handbag, bag and purse hardware, including swivel hooks, magnetic snaps, cord ends, tassel caps, D-Rings, and many more. Choose from a range of elegant metal finishes to find the perfect fit for your next project.


Magnetic Snaps | Magnetic Bag Snaps | Snaps for Bags


Really impressed with these, compared to other brands I've purchased. They are very strong and super thin.
- Monica H.

Bag Rings | Bag O-Rings | Bag D-Rings


These rings are beautiful. They are completely smooth with no evidence of any joints. The finish is shiny. 1" rings: Inside diameter 0.996" (1"), outside 1.374" (1-3/8"). Ring thickness 0.191" (3/16") 1-1/2" rings: Inside diameter 1-1/2, Outside diameter 1.93", thickness: 0.221" Measured with calipers. Rings are NON-magnetic. I think they maybe be zinc die cast. Ordering more they are so very nice.
- Marc T.

Bag Swivel Hooks | Swivel Hooks for Bags | Bag Strap Swivel Hooks


The loop is oval shaped, it's 1.5" at the widest so 1.5" strap kind of rides up the curve slightly. Works great on undersize straps (1.25). Snap spring is strong and closes well. There is a centering tab on hook so when gate closes it stays centered and feels secure. Outside finish is good, appears die cast with some parting lines visible on strap connection, outside of hook appears polished. Buying more, I love these.
- Marc T.