Upholstery & Heavy Duty Thread

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Heavy-Duty Threads and Upholstery Threads for Heavy-Duty Sewing.

Need an extra-strong thread for heavy-duty sewing applications? Choose from a selection of our strongest Upholstery & Heavy Duty threads for upholstered furniture, outdoor equipment, industrial applications, workwear, shoes, and leathercraft. Upholstery threads are extra strong and flexible enough to be used on furniture with some “give” without breaking. Find a heavy-duty thread in Cotton/Polyester, Nylon, or Polyester, and a variety of weights. Nylon is the most common thread material used in upholstery, but many sewers choose to match the thread material to the fabric type. For extra heavy-duty applications like leather and vinyl sewing, a Bonded Nylon Thread or Multifilament Polyester thread provides extra strength and breakage resistance. Browse all styles of Upholstery & Heavy Duty Threads here to find the perfect thread for strong seams.