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Margaret Garland / Sewfabulous

How did you become a Sewist / designer / master tailor

I started sewing when I was 9 years old. Mainly tearing up my mother sheets to make my version of dresses and other items. As I grew older, I continued to learn in jr. high (middle school) where I was supposed to make a skirt but I made a purple jumpsuit. I really wanted to be a fashion designer, so I went to school to learn all that I could.

How did you become interested in the  industry?

The industry that I am in is teaching clothing contruction. I realized that sharing my skills was what I was supposed to do. I love watching my students expression when they finish their garment. It is priceless!

Do you have a back story about your business? How many years?

My journey was a bit different than most. I went from being a fashion designer. Creating my designs, manipulating fabrics into beautiful garments was awesome. Then I switched to designing accessories to a linens business to creating sculptured dolls. I loved making dolls and did really well, but then a friend's daughter asked me to teach her how to sew. That was it! After teaching her and a few others I was hooked. I’ve been doing it now for 13 years! I realized that going through all that I went through was preparing me for the journey that I am in now.

What Makes your business different than others? How do you stand out?

The difference is I get to watch each student begin their dream. Watching them grow into their own. Whether it’s sewing for themselves, becoming a designer, starting a business or sewing for others.

What was one of the most challenging / creative jobs you have ever done?

My most challenging job was creating a wedding gown and dresses for her bridesmaids. It’s a lot of pressure to sew a wedding gown. But this gown had pleats that ran across the chest down to the waist. So yes, that was challenging and creative!

What is new and exciting for 2021?

After the shutdown I had to revamp my school. So, I went from in person to virtual classes. Teaching virtually was a challenge, but now I wish I had done it a long time ago. Now I have both in person and virtual classes. It will be exciting to hold our annual fashion show too!

What do you like best about WAWAK?

WAWAK has all the supplies I need for my business. The prices are low, and the service is great. I really like the fact that when I order, it arrives in a few days. I do not know how they do it!

When it comes to your company, what are you most proud of?

I am immensely proud of my employees, staying by my side through thick and thin and my students for returning and continuing their journey. The Sewfabulous family grows every day. I am truly thankful.

What advice do you give to the next generation of designers?

My advice to upcoming designers is to step out on faith, work hard. look for mentors, take classes, do internships and read books. Whatever it takes to be whatever you want to be. Just do it!

What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop?

Keeping up with construction techniques, New tools, fashion changes are important. This helps me with developing my skills to teach to my students. Of course, I continue to grow with all the different social medias. Also, working on developing teaching techniques for online classes.



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